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People vs. Garcia, Richard Sylvester


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Info
  VCF318193 : People vs. Garcia, Richard Sylvester
    Complaint - Felony: Other filed on 05/19/2015
      09/24/2015 Transcript preliminary hearing 09-23-15   Other
      05/19/2015 Complaint   District Attorney
    Information - Felony: Other filed on 10/07/2015
      05/03/2016 Abstract of Judgment   Clerk
      04/29/2016 Findings/Order for Atty Fees No ability   Public Defender
      04/28/2016 Report and Recommendation   Probation Department
      03/25/2016 Memorandum Re: Requesting clerk forward a further referral to Probation Dept..   Probation Officer
      03/15/2016 Clerk Transcript/Transmittal - Original Change of Plea 3/4/16   Other
      03/04/2016 Fingerprint Form (CR-100)   Clerk
      02/22/2016 Notice of Assessment (PC1306)   Clerk
      01/21/2016 NCIC Request   Clerk
      01/21/2016 Arrest/Bench Warrant - Party   Clerk
      01/20/2016 Notice Forfeiting Bail   Clerk
      10/14/2015 Fingerprint Form (CR-100)   Clerk
      10/07/2015 Document Other Honor Release Report   Probation Officer
      10/07/2015 Information   District Attorney