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People vs. Cerda, Macario Vasquez


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Info
  VCF279735 : People vs. Cerda, Macario Vasquez
    Complaint - Felony: Forcible Rape filed on 03/01/2013
      08/11/2015 Order for Destruction of Subpoenaed Records   Clerk
      07/21/2014 Notice of Termination of Protective Order in Criminal Proceeding (CR-165) Terminating CPO issued 3-19-13.Scanned to CCPOR-TCSO   Clerk
      07/21/2014 Fingerprint Form (CR-100)   Clerk
      07/03/2014 Request to Calendar Re: Pre Trial   Public Defender
      04/03/2014 Report evaluation dated 04-02-14 by Dr. James MD/FAXED   Other
      03/26/2014 Motion PC 1050 (Continuance) Jury Trial   District Attorney
      01/10/2014 Request to Calendar Request for medical review   Public Defender
      11/12/2013 Report Re: Exam dated 11-11-13 Corizon/faxed copy   Other
      10/21/2013 Letter Misc letter to judge fr EG   Other
      10/15/2013 Motion PC 1050 (Continuance) Motion to continue penal code section 1050   Public Defender
      10/10/2013 Report Re: Exam-Dated 10/10/13-Corizon/FAXED COPY   Other
      10/04/2013 Amended Information   District Attorney
      09/25/2013 Opposition to temporary no contact order of complaining..   Public Defender
      08/26/2013 Information   District Attorney
      08/16/2013 Transcript Preliminary Examination 08-12-13   Other
      06/05/2013 Order Protective   District Attorney
      03/19/2013 Criminal Protective Order - Domestic Violence (CR-160) Scanned to TCSO   Clerk
      03/14/2013 Document Other Place on calendar for a Misc Hearing   District Attorney
      03/01/2013 Amended Complaint First Amended   District Attorney
      03/01/2013 Complaint   District Attorney
    Information - Felony: Forcible Rape filed on 08/26/2013