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People vs. Galindo, Patricia Joanne


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Date
  VCF241192 : People vs. Galindo, Patricia Joanne
    Complaint - Felony: Drug Offense filed on 08/26/2010
      04/14/2014 Receipt Terms & Conditions of Probation   Other
      12/14/2012 Letter req hold on lic fr FTB be released   Defendant
      05/03/2012 Transcript Felony Vop Admission 4/12/12   Other
      04/20/2012 Transcript Vop Admission 2/16/12   Other
      04/09/2012 Transcript Felony Vop Admission 3/15/12   Other
      02/14/2012 Transcript Change of Plea 1/6/12   Other
      01/24/2012 Transcript Felony Sentencing 1/19/12   Other
      01/19/2012 Document: Other Probation Terms & Conditions.   Probation Department
      01/06/2012 Document: Other DOJ lab results; positive for methamphetamine   District Attorney
      08/26/2010 Declaration in Support of Warrant   District Attorney
      08/26/2010 Complaint   District Attorney