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People vs. Castillo, Victor Manuel


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Info
  PCF400996 : People vs. Castillo, Victor Manuel
    Complaint - Felony: Homicide filed on 08/07/2020
      09/28/2022 Court Reporter Transcript - Original PRELIMINARY HEARING   Court Reporter
      10/21/2021 Declaration and Order PC4011   Law Enforcement
      08/16/2021 Memorandum Points and Authorities Appointment of Expert at County Expense   Attorney
      08/16/2021 Document Other (Confidential) Order Requesting Appointing Expert-Granted   Attorney
      10/26/2020 PSA - Outcome OR Release   Probation Officer
      09/09/2020 Motion Compel   Attorney
      08/12/2020 Request for Copies/Certified Copies complaint   Public Defender
      08/07/2020 Declaration/Statement of Probable Cause   District Attorney
      08/07/2020 Complaint   District Attorney
    Information - Felony: Homicide filed on 10/05/2022
      10/06/2022 Fingerprint Form (CR-100) Placed & Secured in File   Clerk
      10/05/2022 Information   District Attorney