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People vs. Blase, Jasmine


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Info
  VCF398977A : People vs. Blase, Jasmine
    Complaint - Felony: Homicide filed on 06/09/2020
      10/08/2021 Amended Complaint 3rd Amended   District Attorney
      07/20/2021 Substitution of Attorney   Attorney
      06/11/2020 Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage (MC-510) Granted   Other
      06/11/2020 Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast (MC-500)   Other
      06/11/2020 Amended Complaint 2nd Amended   District Attorney
      06/09/2020 Amended Complaint 1st Amended   District Attorney
      06/09/2020 PSA Release/Detention Order   Commissioner
      06/09/2020 PSA - Outcome OR Release   Probation Department
      06/09/2020 Complaint   District Attorney