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People vs. Nunley, James Greg


Filed Description Filed By Tracking Info
  VCI387165 : People vs. Nunley, James Greg
    03/27/2020 Notice of New Hearing - Emergency Order   Clerk
    Complaint - Misdemeanor: Traffic Other filed on 10/15/2019
      05/10/2021 Substitution of Attorney   Attorney
      08/26/2020 Opposition People's opposition to defendant's motion to..   District Attorney
      07/22/2020 Motion Dismiss Notice of Motion and Motion..   Attorney
      11/26/2019 Waiver of Defendant's Personal Presence (PC977)   Attorney
      11/21/2019 Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast (MC-500)   Clerk
      11/21/2019 Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage (MC-510)   Clerk
      10/16/2019 DA Cite Letter   District Attorney
      10/16/2019 Declaration/Statement of Probable Cause   District Attorney
      10/16/2019 Police/Incident Report   District Attorney
      10/15/2019 Complaint   District Attorney