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Johnson, Clinton vs. Pillsbury-Foster, Melinda
Civil: Limited-Porterville
Filed Description Filed By Tracking Date
  PCL171271 : Johnson, Clinton vs. Pillsbury-Foster, Melinda
    Complaint - Unlawful Detainer: Residential (32) filed on 10/02/2015
      04/05/2016 Writ of Possession (Filed) Tulare   Law Enforcement
      04/04/2016 Document: Other **Letter from United States Bankruptcy Court   Other
      03/04/2016 Objection to Order after hearing   Defendant
      02/24/2016 Proof: Service Order after Hearing to Melina Pillsbury by Mail   Plaintiff Served on 02/22/2016
      02/23/2016 Order After Hearing- All occupants to vacate the premises on 3/28/16- Lockout on 3/29/16   Plaintiff
      02/22/2016 Memorandum   Defendant
      02/19/2016 Memo: Points and Authorities In support; Dec in Support; P&A   Defendant
      02/19/2016 Document: Other Ex Parte Motion of Stay of Enforcement, Dec in Support, P&A   Defendant
      02/18/2016 Notice: Other Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment; Memo P&A; Declaration POSM to Steven Koch on 2/18/16   Defendant
      02/04/2016 Writ of Possession (Issued) Tulare   Clerk
      02/04/2016 Judgment: Default (Clerk) Possession of Prop Only   Plaintiff
      02/04/2016 Request: Dismissal Does 1 - 10   Plaintiff
      02/03/2016 Request: Default as to Melinda Pillsbury-Foster   Plaintiff
      02/03/2016 Memorandum Stauts   Plaintiff
      01/29/2016 Notice: Other to Adverse Party of Removal to Federal Court   Defendant
      01/27/2016 Notice: Trial/UD/TDN/SC   Clerk
      01/27/2016 Document: Other United States Bankruptcy - Court Eastern District of California- Civil Minute Order   Plaintiff
      10/29/2015 Proof: Service Notice of Stay of Proceedings- served Andre Gaston by mail   Defendant Served on 10/23/2015
      10/26/2015 Proof: Service to Andre P Gaston-Notice of Stay Proceedings by Mail   Defendant Served on 10/23/2015
      10/23/2015 Notice: Other Stay of Proceddings   Defendant
      10/19/2015 Substitution: Attorney Andre Gaston Att for PLF   Plaintiff
      10/13/2015 Notice: Trial/UD/TDN/SC   Clerk
      10/08/2015 Order: Fee Waiver-Grant Melinda Pillsbury-Foster   Judge
      10/08/2015 Proof: Service Melinda Pillsbury-Foster-S&C by PS   Plaintiff Served on 10/03/2015
      10/08/2015 Proof: Service All Occupants-S&C; Prejudgment claim by Sub   Plaintiff Served on 10/03/2015
      10/07/2015 Notice: Other Motion; Motion to Quash   Defendant Served on 10/07/2015
      10/07/2015 Application: Fee Waiver (Confidential) Melinda Pillsbury-Foster   Defendant
      10/05/2015 Notice of Prohibited Access - Visalia   Clerk
      10/02/2015 Summons: Issued   Clerk
      10/02/2015 Complaint Filed   Plaintiff
      10/02/2015 Civil Case Cover Sheet Filed   Plaintiff