Request Case Access

The general public has access to criminal, traffic, civil, family law, probate and small claims case summary information. But if you're a litigant, legal counsel or other participant on a case, you may be eligible for access to Confidential cases, which are excluded from the public searches.

To obtain online access to the electronic court file, you must:

  1. be a party to the case or legal counsel to a party to a case.
  2. register as an approved filer.
  3. be granted access to the case.

Please note: The Court does not accept subsequent filings via the Portal. A Pin Number will not provide access to subsequent filings. All subsequent filings must be filed in person at the clerks office or through mail.

A pin number is not required to review non-confidential cases. You can access a case search by clicking: Search Cases

Please register if you don't have an eFiling account setup with Tulare Superior Court.

If you receive ACCESS DENIED, please click on the blue word register above.

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